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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the nature of the Link Exchangers network, module, and balancing system may require further information from our users or potential users. This page contains some of the more frequent queries from our network of site administrators. If your question is not present here, please let us know and we will add it for future reference.

  1. What does the code I insert into my site's web pages actually do? - The code developed by our programmers operates a simple module that hovers along the side of any web page that it is inserted into. This module connects to our network of site administrators and selects a random assortment of 30 x 30 banner images that represent the sites submitted by those administrators. If one of these 30 x 30 images is clicked on by a visitor, the visitor is sent to the web page that the image is representing.

  1. What determines the frequency of my site being displayed on this module? - The module displays a random assortment of sites. However, the balancing system in place insures that the amount of times the module is clicked on (referred to as "hits") from your website is met with a comparable amount of "hits" sent back to it. So, if your website sends out 50 "hits" per day, then the system works to send your site 50 "hits" by increasing the frequency of your site's banner image within the network until the 50 "hits" are generated.
  1. Can I pay you to make the balancing system favor my website? - NO! However, a small amount of site administrators can offer to act as a "sponsor" within the network. This essentially means that you may offer to advertise our product from your website (in the form of banner ads or other means) in exchange for a "sponsor" designation within the network that will repay you with increased views of your site's banner image within the module.

  1. Will this code harm my site's page rank in Google or cause any virus/malware notifications? - NO! The program code does not adversely affect Google page rank or cause any virus/malware notifications to appear to visitors. In fact, an increase from new visitors to your site from other sites in the network may enhance your Google page rank.

  1. Will my visitors be able to view objectionable content within the module or site's they visit? - Absolutely NO pornographic material is permitted to be viewed within the module OR on the websites represented by the banners displayed on the module.

  1. Are the statistics compiled by the program and accessed via my account accurate? - Great care has been taken to insure an accurate assessment of your website's views & hits (sent and received). However, the nature of the interaction between the module within several sites and across all countries via the web does not always lend itself to precision tracking. Discrepancies in Google Analytics tracking or other tracking software and our database information have been frequently recognized. The interaction with the module and network and compiled in our database that is then viewable to each user is, overall, a reliable (but not 100% accurate) indicator of activity involving your website.

  1. Do I have to place the code for the module on EVERY page of my site? - Absolutely NOT! We recommend only placing the module on your "home" page and perhaps one or two other pages if desired.